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Welding Jig Captures

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If you're welding duplicate parts on a consistent basis and are still using drop pieces of metal to build your jigs you need to check out our Jig Captures. We use these in our shop every day and they've made building our duplicate parts so much easier.

These Jig Captures offset your workpieces 3" above the jig to comfortably tack your parts into position on all sides before removing the piece from the jig to fully weld. It also eliminates the annoying mistake of tacking your workpiece to your jig. Weld splatter is no longer a concern either as the workpiece shields the captures while welding.

To best use the Welding Jig Captures, build your template part, taking care to make it as perfect as possible. Layout your Jig Captures ensuring that the tube lengths are all sufficiently supported to prevent misalignment. All joints will need supported on both sides for proper fitting. Place a strong tack weld on each side of the vertical leg surrounding the tube at the bottom of the capture. 

Available in a variety of tube sizes. If you need something specific, please contact us at

Sold in quantities of 10.

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