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The Pyro Fire Tower Fire Tower - Bad Idea Supply Co.

The Pyro Fire Tower

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The Pyro is more than a fire pit. It's more than a grill.

It's a unique addition to your backyard or favorite outdoor space that combines the best features of a charcoal grill, wood-fired smoker, and outdoor fireplace that's built to last for generations.

The Pyro is precision cut from heavy duty 3/16” American Steel - over 3 times thicker than cheap import alternatives and is impervious to wind, hail, and yard debris. It’s designed to last a lifetime in the outdoors, aging naturally through the years in the beaufiful fashion that only steel can. Exceptional build quality creates a brag-worthy centerpiece to your favorite outdoor space.


Lifetime Warranty

Pyro Tower products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Time-Tested Finish

Beyond the quality materials used to build the Pyro, it also features a simple time-tested finish forgotten by many in the modern age of manufacturing. We hand-rub every part of the Pyro Tower and its accessories by using a special FDA Approved linseed oil that creates a naturally water-repellant coating that bakes into the steel to protect it in much the same way that cast iron pans are seasoned for cooking. This simple finish is easily maintained for years of service in any environment. Learn more about this process here. Our goal is to create a simple and safe coating that is free of toxins that can be easily maintained by our customers. Most alternative grills and fire pits use variations of paint and powder coating that chip and rust over time and degrade when exposed to high temperatures of fire. These modern finishes can be difficult and expensive to repair.

Easy to Assemble

The unique assembly allows you to position each of the five sections one at a time so that you never have to handle more than 45 pounds at once. The tab and slot design takes 2 people less than 15 minutes to assemble. Once assembled The Pyro weighs nearly 200 pounds and will stand as a centerpiece in your yard for decades.

Perfect For Any Season

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about shipping, assembly, etc.


Dimensions (without pedestal) 32"w x 25"d x 42"h - 208 pounds

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