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Collection - 1 Table and 4 Bench Kits Furniture - Bad Idea Supply Co.

Collection - 1 Table and 4 Bench Kits

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This collection includes the kits required to build one table and 4 benches as shown in the product photos.

Few things are built to last these days and nothing is a better example than outdoor furniture.

Our DIY kits allow anyone to assemble uniquely finished pieces of furniture that will last year after year. Our frame kits feature a modern design that will be at home in any environment.

The kits are easy to assemble with the most basic tools. They include two end pieces made from machine cut heavy-duty 3/16" steel. The steel arrives hand-oiled with our proprietary finish that protects the metal from moisture while preserving the natural beauty of raw steel, or you can choose to paint them to match any decor.

You can choose any type of wood to complete the frame including reclaimed wood or pressure treated lumber from your local hardware store. You can choose the length of your furniture by the cut length of the lumber you install.

To create a 6 foot wide table like the one pictured in the product images requires less than $35 in lumber from most hardware stores. All you have to do is cut 8 common 2x4 boards for the top and and one bottom stretcher board and four shorter boards for the leg accent pieces and use common wood screws to attach them to the steel frame pieces. If you don't own a saw, don't worry - most hardware stores will cut the boards to length for you. All of the cuts are simple straight cut-offs with no complicated miters to worry about.

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