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Pyro Latitude Fire Feature - Bad Idea Supply Co.

Pyro Latitude

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The Pyro Latitude is a new take on a fire pit that combines precision design and modern aesthetics to create a dynamic art piece for your backyard. A series of cascading steel rings supported by a curved skeleton are cut from a solid sheet of 3/16" American Steel. The ingenious interlocking design assembles in minutes and is held firmly in place by a single bolt in the base of the unit.

The unique fire pit can hold up to 7 full sized logs and cleans easily after use.

Like all Pyro Products, the Latitude is hand-oiled before shipment to protect the steel from rust and corrosion. You can choose to periodically re-apply the coating using a simple rag or cloth and our Good Ol' Fashioned Metal Rub in just a few minutes to preserve or choose to let the Latitude patina naturally over time.


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